Brian Eslick :: Comedy Hypnosis

Your guests will be jumping with fun, laughter and definite foolishness as Comedy Hypnotist Brian Eslick excites the audience with his hilarious Hypnosis Show.

The way Brian gets people into trance is just astonishing. (traditionally the most boring part of show with 99% other Hypnotists) Brian’s induction is one of the most amazing things you will ever see! Many say it IS the show…

Then he has a little fun: Change environment, enhance personalities, and create hysterical situations. Everyone reacts differently to the suggestions, it’s just a riot to watch. Totally safe and the volunteers have the best time and feel so good afterward.

It’s a fun show where YOU can be the star! And oh yes, it is for real. If you have any doubts join Brian and volunteer!


Click play above to watch Brian's official promo video and performance trailer.

Past Clients

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